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Brown Shrimp

Brownies, green lake shrimp, summer shrimp, golden shrimp


Brown with some dark tips on the end of the tail and reddish legs. Grooves on the side of the head below their spine and on both sides of the tail. Medium length antennae. Can grow up to 7 inches long.

Range and Habitat

Range from Nova Scotia south to the Gulf of Mexico and the eastern shore of Central America. Predominant in inshore waters in spring and summer. Larvae move from offshore waters into estuaries. Juveniles live in marsh edge habitat, flooded grasses, and aquatic vegetation in upper estuaries. Move into deeper water and become more bottom oriented as they grow. Juveniles and adults are found over soft mud bottoms with lots of decaying vegetation.


Extremely abundant, fast-growing, and short-lived. Mate and spawn offshore while the female's shell is still soft after molting. Peak spawning is in the spring and summer. Eggs hatch offshore. Currents transport larvae inshore to estuarine nursery areas. Larvae eat plankton by filter-feeding and later feed on decaying organic matter. Juveniles are omnivorous, eating microorganisms, plants, and small invertebrates. Adults are more predatory, feeding on insect larvae and larger marine invertebrates.

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