Artificial Reef Council Meeting

June 28, 2022, 9:00 am

Joe L. Herring Louisiana Room, LDWF Headquarters

Baton Rouge, LA



1.  Introduction and Welcome

2.  Approval of agenda

3.  Approval of minutes

4.  Artificial Reef Program updates

a)       Mike McDonough, LDWF

b)      Ashley Ferguson, LDWF

c)       Zach Chain, LDWF

5. Artificial Reef Program Budget

a)      Mike McDonough, LDWF

6. Hackberry Inshore Reef*

a)       Ashley Ferguson

7. South Timbalier 206 SARS Proposal*

a)       Mike McDonough

b)      Patrick Brown, Quarter North Energy

8.  Public Comments

9.  Other business

10.  Adjourn

*action item for Council

The meeting will be available online (viewing only) at: