Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) biologists recently deployed additional artificial fish attractors at four sites in Lake Claiborne. These attractors were designed to be angler-friendly and will enhance recreational fishing by providing fish habitat in areas mostly devoid of other cover. 

The structures were assembled from materials donated to LDWF and were constructed in two forms: an open “arch” design as well as clusters that mimic stumps or roots.  Lake Claiborne is currently under drawdown conditions which allowed the structures to be secured into the lakebed.

GPS coordinates of each attractor reef site are available below.

Reef Site Name Latitude Longitude Depth Description of Reef
Lake Claiborne #35 32.724722° -92.955000° 6' Plastic Piping Arches & Root Clusters
Lake Claiborne #36 32.724444° -92.954722° 5-6' Plastic Piping Arches & Root Clusters
Lake Claiborne #37 32.724167° -92.954167° 6' Plastic Piping Root Clusters
Lake Claiborne #38  32.734722° -92.936944° 5-7' Plastic Piping Root Clusters at Public Pier


For more information about the locations of other artificial reefs on Lake Claiborne and across the state, check out our “Outdoor Explorer Map Tool.”

For questions regarding the Lake Claiborne artificial reefs, please contact LDWF Inland Fisheries Biologist Manager, Jeff Sibley at (318) 371-5294 or jsibley@wlf.la.gov.