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LA Creel Data Query

The LA Creel data query tool allows users to search for harvest/catch and effort data. The query will filter data by year, month, basin, species, and activity type. Query results are in table form and can be downloaded as a csv file.

  • Harvest/catch data: statistically estimated number of fish landed by recreational anglers
  • Effort data: statistically estimated number of individual angler trips 

The relative standard error, or RSE, is a measure of precision provided with all estimates. RSEs accompanying estimates have the following color codes:

  • Green: RSEs less than 30
  • Yellow: RSEs 30 to 50
  • Red: RSEs over 50.

Users should view estimates with increasing caution as RSEs increase beyond 30. Large RSEs (those above 50) indicate high variability around the estimate and therefore low precision.

Each month's data will be available to query approximately one month after the final day of the queried month. For example, January data will be available to query on March 1. Submit requests for more refined data to Nicole Smith at Please provide details about the information needed.

Please cite LA Creel data as: Personal communication from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, (include date of query).

To query historical Louisiana recreational fishing data prior to 2014, see NOAA's Recreational Fisheries Statistics Queries. Please note that such data are not directly comparable with LA Creel data and cannot be combined with LA Creel data without statistical corrections.